Devastating Discovery For Adam Johnson's Girlfriend Will Leave You Heartbroken

Published November 17, 2023 at 1:36 PM
A new discovery in the Adam Johndon Tragedy is making his passing even more devastating.

Johnson's Girlfriend Makes a Devastating Discovery that Changes Everything

USA Today reported that Adam Johnson's girlfriends, Ryan Wolfe, found an engagement ring in the apartment the two shared.

"Johnson had bought Wolfe an engagement ring before the couple flew to England for the 2023-24 hockey season and planned to propose to her, according to two close friends of Adam Johnson's family."

"They said Wolfe found the ring in the apartment she shared with Johnson in England − where Johnson played for the Nottingham Panthers of Elite Ice Hockey League after Johnson's family revealed the secret."


Heart-Breaking News: Johnson Planned To Purpose To His Girlfriend

The already tragic story has been made more devastating, Johnson had revealed to his grandmother the ring he was going to use to propose to his girlfriend.

His girlfriend, Wolfe, expressed her undying love for him at his funeral. The other player involved, Matt Petgrave was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter but has been released on bail with no formal charges being laid.

As Seen on Hockey Patrol - Shocking Secret Revealed Following the Tragic Passing of Former NHL Player Adam Johnson
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Devastating Discovery For Adam Johnson's Girlfriend Will Leave You Heartbroken

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