Brad Marchand Receiving Heat After His Comments on Milan Lucic's Arrest

Published November 18, 2023 at 3:44 PM
Milan Lucic, the Boston Bruins veteran was arrested overnight for a very serious incident, and on Saturday, his Head Coach and captain commented on the situation.

Brad Marchand comments on a long-time teammates arrest


While we don't know any further details on what led to Lucic's arrest, Brad Marchand seems to know more than most, and on Saturday, he talks to the media about the situation.

«The biggest thing for us is we care a lot about their family. We are family in here, we're all very very close, so we're obviously concerned and upset for them and what they're going through.»

Some people have questions over those comments

In the first place, it's questionable for reporters to ask about the situation, as Marchand wasn't there and can't know exactly what happened, but some of the comments have drawn the ire of fans and analysts on social media.

"But obviously I've known Looch for a long time, he's a very good friend and it's tough to see your teammates and your friends going through stuff like this and their family," said Marchand on Saturday.

"Definitely worried about Brit and the kids and Looch himself, but they have all the support in the world. Anything they need, we're going to be here for them," added Marchand.

Until further details are released, it's tough to speculate on what happened and why fans are taking these comments in this way, but for now, we hope everyone involved is okay after the arrest.

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Brad Marchand Receiving Heat After His Comments on Milan Lucic's Arrest

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