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Boston Bruins Release Statement Confirming Milan Lucic's Future With The Team

Published February 16, 2024 at 4:14 PM

Milan Lucic's return to the Bruins this season hasn't gone as planned. His hope of finishing his career with the team and chasing a Stanley Cup was dashed after being arrested for a domestic abuse charge, which was dismissed earlier today.

With this major development, many are wondering what's next for the fan favorite forward.

Insider Reveals What's Next For Milan Lucic

Now, with fans eager for his return to the lineup, NHL insider Jimmy Murphy has provided us with a major update.

Lots of you asking me if Milan Lucic will return to the #NHLBruins lineup now that his domestic abuse case has been dismissed?

Given the Bruins' steadfast support of Lucic since the night he was arrested, they can and may very well reinstate him. However, given that he hasn't played a game since Oct. 21, will they determine he's just not ready to play yet?

Also, with the NHL Trade Deadline on March 8, they could use the $1 million in salary cap relief from him being on long-term injury reserve.

Jimmy Murphy suggests that despite his low salary of $1 million per season, Lucic could provide a boost to the Bruins bottom 6, especially with the playoffs approaching.

However, given his lack of play since October 21st, Murphy speculates that Lucic may spend some time in Providence for a conditioning stint. Nonetheless, if he's able to play, Murphy believes Lucic could significantly improve the Bruins chances for a long playoff run.

Milan Lucic wants to return to the NHL and his attorneys are confident today's decision by prosecutors to drop his domestic assault case will make it possible for him in the future, per

Lucic plans to meet with commissioner Gary Bettman. #NHLBruins

Boston Bruins Release Statement On Milan Lucic's Future With The Team

The Boston Bruins cleared up all the confusion after releasing the following statement.

Bruins statement:
«Milan Lucic will remain on indefinite leave from the organization for the remainder of the 2023-24 season. The Boston Bruins organization supports Milan and his family as he continues his personal rehabilitation.»
Lucic is on a one-year deal

It sounds like Milan Lucic's season is over. In his brief return to the Bruins, Lucic played four games, registering two assists and two penalty minutes.

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Boston Bruins Release Statement Confirming Milan Lucic's Future With The Team

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