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Brian Boyle unveils Sidney Crosby's true colors

Published March 30, 2024 at 10:01 PM

Former NHL player and Penguins forward Brian Boyle shared valuable insights about his experience playing alongside superstar Sidney Crosby during his time in Pittsburgh.

Penguins captain Sidney Crosby has built an impeccable reputation during his lengthy career in the National Hockey League (NHL). Widely recognized as one of the top players in the sport and a genuinely good person both on and off the ice, Crosby's character is seldom questioned.

Recently, Crosby's former teammate Brian Boyle shed light on his experience with the Penguins captain during an interview on the NHL Network. Boyle admitted feeling apprehensive when joining the Penguins, but Crosby made the transition much smoother.

"It was not easy for me to go there," admitted Boyle on the NHL Network

When Boyle joined the team, Crosby was recovering from wrist surgery. Despite his injury, Crosby seized the opportunity to welcome Boyle and his family to the locker room. Boyle recounted an unforgettable moment involving his young son and Crosby.

"My family came to one of the opening games. My son, who was six at the time, wouldn't let Sid leave," Boyle recalled. Even after Boyle's post-game routine, Crosby remained, playing bubble hockey with his son.

This act of kindness wasn't isolated. Boyle shared that Crosby regularly made efforts to connect with his son during their time in Pittsburgh, recognizing the challenges of the move for Boyle's family.

"Every time he heard my son's voice on the phone, he would grab the FaceTime and chat with him," Boyle revealed.

Summing up his experience as Crosby's teammate, Boyle expressed his admiration without hesitation.

"The best. He's one of the best teammates and best people ever," Boyle concluded.

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Brian Boyle reveals Sidney Crosby's true colors.
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Brian Boyle unveils Sidney Crosby's true colors

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