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Sheldon Keefe Gets Called Out On Social Media By David Kampf's Wife

Published December 31, 2023 at 1:07 PM
Once again, Sheldon Keefe, the head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs, has been called out for a questionable decision he made during last night's game.

Keefe's Controversial Move: Benching Kampf and Ending 300+Game Streak


Coach Keefe made a surprising choice to healthy scratch the forward David Kampf. Why was it the wrong decision?

First, the Hurricanes scored on two out of four powerplay opportunities, a situation Kampf and his reputation as a penalty-killing specialist could have been useful.

Second, this decision also deprived Kampf's hopes to pursue his game streak. The Czech player had an outstanding streak of 323 consecutive games, which came to an abrupt end last night.

Kampf, highly respected in the Leafs' locker room, pays the price of a terrible decision by Keefe.

His wife expressed her dissatisfaction by posting a message to Keefe on Instagram.

<2h>Kampf's Wife Sends a Message to Keefe on Instagram

On her Instagram account, she shared the following story:


Though she didn't mention him by name, it is evident that the post served as a critique of Keefe's decision to bench her husband.

We don't often see players play 300 consecutive game. Injuries or roster moves usually come in the way before that. Kampf was at 323, one of the longest streak in active players.

Do you think Keefe made the wrong call?

As read on Hockey Patrol - Kampf's Wife Publicly Criticizes Sheldon Keefe
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Sheldon Keefe Gets Called Out On Social Media By David Kampf's Wife

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