Vegas Golden Knights captain Mark Stone
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Vegas Golden Knights in trouble due to Mark Stone's wife

Published May 1, 2024 at 1:29 PM

The Vegas Golden Knights face criticism online following an incident where Mark Stone's wife was photographed posing with a fan sporting an LTIR jersey.

Mark Stone's wife, Hayley Thompson, was spotted posing with a fan wearing a jersey bearing the number 61 and the letters "LTIR," alluding to Stone's history with LTIR (Long-Term Injured Reserve).

I wish I was joking folks. 😳

Mark Stone's wife, Hayley Thompson poses with a fan wearing an LTIR #61 jersey🤣

The photo, originally shared by the user @German_Diver, quickly gained attention on social media, with the BR OpenIce page also sharing it.

Mark Stone's wife Hayley posed with a fan wearing an "LTIR" #61 jersey 👀🤣

(via @German_Diver)

The posts collectively garnered over half a million views, reigniting skepticism about Stone's frequent use of LTIR, especially just before trade deadlines, only to return for the playoffs. NHL insider Frank Seravalli humorously compared the timing to a high-end watch.

Precision timing that would make @Rolex jealous.

Vegas' handling of LTIR has sparked discussions about the system's fairness, with calls for potential rule changes in the upcoming collective bargaining agreement negotiations over the summer.

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Mark Stone's wife goes viral for posing with fan wearing LTIR jersey
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Vegas Golden Knights in trouble due to Mark Stone's wife

Should the NHL contemplate revisions to the LTIR or playoff salary cap system?

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