Shocking News Emerge As Former NHL Player Knows The Real Reason Why Corey Perry's Contract Was Terminated

Published November 29, 2023 at 9:55 PM

Corey Perry has officially passed through waivers, leading to the termination of his contract with the Chicago Blackhawks. This decision follows a week since Perry was initially removed from the team and directed to stay at home. Chicago Blackhawks General Manager Kyle Davidson addressed the media yesterday, providing some insights but withholding many details, sparking fans' imaginations.

Former NHL Player Georges Laraque Knows Real Reason Why Perry's Contract Was Terminated

Former NHL player Georges Laraque has now weighed in on the matter for the first time.

I know what happened Tony, I got, so, now I'm going to be very careful because I don't want to get sued and this is a privacy matter. Okay, but I know exactly what happened inside the organization. It had nothing to do with Bedard and his mom, it had nothing to do with that.

That's the one thing I can confirm to you. The only thing I can say is that I understand why the Blackhawks had to do this, and what I can tell you, is that any team in the NHL would have done the same.

The reason why I can't say what it is, is because if I mention it I need someone to support what I say. Because if someone doesn't I could get sued for defamation. A lot of media, a lot of insiders know exactly what happened, they are not going to say anything because there is a process to this, and if they do say something they can get sued.

I know what happened, I understand why they made that move. Any team would have made that move, but I can't say anything.

Laraque's disclosure offers valuable insights into the situation, particularly coming from a player with a deep understanding of the dynamics within an NHL locker room. With Laraque's experience, he understands what sort of conduct is deemed acceptable. His assertion that every team would have taken similar actions adds a significant detail that others have been hesitant to unveil during this whole saga.
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Shocking News Emerge As Former NHL Player Knows The Real Reason Why Corey Perry's Contract Was Terminated

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