Gary Bettman Accused Of Rigging Games Sparking Major Controversy In The Hockey World

Published November 19, 2023 at 3:51 PM
Fans are upset after realizing Gary Bettman gave preferential treatment to this team, giving them the upper hand over other teams.

Fans Upset That Toronto Didn't Have to Play Back to Back in Global Series

The NHL's Global Series has been a resounding success, with the NHL taking full advantage of the day games and creating great content around its time in Sweden. However, some fans were upset with how the schedule shaped out.

Fans noticed that the Toronto Maple Leafs had it remarkedly easier than the other teams participating in the event. The Leafs were the only team not to play a back-to-back and played both of their games against teams coming off a back-to-back.

The "fair" schedule of #NHLGlobalSeries

#GoSensGo: 2 "home" games in Sweden
#MnWild: 2 games, back-to-back
#LGRW: 2 games, b2b
#LeafsForever: 2 away games, not b2b, both against a team playing their b2b (2nd) game

Many also noticed that the Leafs burned two of their "away" games of the season during the event. This means they won't give up two of their home games in Toronto for the trip, as some teams had to count this international trip towards their home games. This was speculated to be because of Toronto's revenue during home games.

"...league wouldn't take a home game away from the leafs because they were one of the highest earners of gate revenue in the league..."

Leafs Come Away With Two Wins In Sweden in Storybook Ending for Nylander

It would appear that the Leafs took advantage of their so-called advantage in Sweden. They topped off their trip with an overtime win this morning against the Minnesota Wild after winning Friday afternoon against the Detroit Red Wings.

The Leafs' Swedish superstar William Nylander took full advantage of his homecoming, scoring 5 points in his 2 games in Sweden.

his name is William Nylander

he has blue flame in his veins

William Nylander on being in Sweden for these games: «It's been weird. Walking around with my buddies and then going to play and NHL game. But it's been a lot of fun.»

As seen on Markerzone - "Gary Bettman Caught Red-Handed Rigging Games"
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Gary Bettman Accused Of Rigging Games Sparking Major Controversy In The Hockey World

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