Boston Bruins captain Brad Marchand leading the stretch session at practice
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Brad Marchand's injury appears to be worse then expected

Published May 15, 2024 at 5:18 PM

Brad Marchand has missed the last two games against the Panthers, and it turns out his injury might be more serious than initially thought.

After colliding with Florida's Sam Bennett in game three, Bruins Captain Brad Marchand hasn't been seen since. Despite the Bruins' effort in game five to bring the series back to Boston, there's now speculation that Marchand's absence might be longer than expected due to a concussion.

The Bruins kept Brad Marchand's sweater hanging in his stall during the game tonight.

Coyle: "His leadership, even when he's not dressed he's still in here, he's still leading. And he does what he can to help the team in whatever way possible."

If Marchand were expected back soon, the team probably wouldn't hang his jersey in the locker room to inspire his teammates, and Coyle might not have been given an A' in his absence. Some people commented that the Bruins' gesture seemed extreme, like they were acting as if Marchand were seriously injured, while others suggested that the concussion might be worse than reported.

Getting the feeling this concussion is way worse than is being reported

Typically, an NHL player with a concussion is out for a few weeks. With the series now at elimination games, it's unlikely Marchand will return unless there's a significant medical improvement before game six on Friday.

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Concerning hint leaked that Brad Marchand's injury is way worse than first reported
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Brad Marchand's injury appears to be worse then expected

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