Former Montreal Canadiens defenseman PK Subban hitting Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand
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PK Subban facing major backlash for his comments on Brad Marchand

Published May 15, 2024 at 12:04

Former NHL defenseman PK Subban is under fire for his shocking comments on Boston Bruins captain Brad Marchand.

PK Subban, since retiring from the NHL, has faced criticism for his commentary on ESPN, with his latest remarks about Brad Marchand causing controversy. During a panel discussion on a hit by Sam Bennett on Marchand, Subban stated that Marchand deserved to be punched in the face, sparking backlash from fans.

hey @PKSubban1 **** all the way off w that brad marchand take and kiss bennett's ass harder absolutely wild to go on tv and say that shit

While some may share Subban's sentiment about Marchand, his comments raise concerns about his professionalism as an analyst. Critics argue that Subban should uphold a higher level of responsibility instead of making off-the-cuff remarks. They also question Subban's dismissal of Marchand's history of suspensions and fines, suggesting that players should be held accountable through NHL disciplinary actions.

Why does everyone forget the suspensions and fines, and Bennett got away with everything?! So according to Mr. Subban, NHL disciplinary actions mean nothing and players on the ice should discipline players?
The logic is so lame here

Say what you will but PK Subban is nothing if not consistently bitter and shitty

This isn't the first time Subban has courted controversy on live television, and fans are growing weary of his behavior. Despite this, viewers can expect more unpredictable commentary from Subban during the NHL playoffs on ESPN.

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PK Subban under fire for controversial comments on Brad Marchand
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PK Subban facing major backlash for his comments on Brad Marchand

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