Game 3 between the Florida Panthers and Edmonton Oilers could be postponed

Samer Dagher
June 12, 2024  (3:56 PM)

Florida Panthers plane
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It sounds as though we could have game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Florida Panthers and Edmonton Oilers rescheduled.

An insider has revealed that the Florida Panthers may have trouble traveling to Edmonton for Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final. This could call into question whether the game will happen tomorrow night.
In recent years, the NHL has had to cancel or reschedule a few games due to weather impacting teams' travel plans. However, this situation is unprecedented, especially given its potential impact on the Stanley Cup Final.
According to George Richards, a writer and editor for NHL.com and Florida Hockey Now, the Panthers are having difficulty leaving South Florida due to a severe monsoon. Richards notes that the team is expected to arrive in Edmonton later tonight, but the ongoing storm has delayed their flight.
This monsoon which has impacted South Florida the past two days is affecting the #FlaPanthers flight to Edmonton.

They are delayed, but expect to get there tonight.

Flight scheduled for 1 but many players and staff still at complex.

"Panthers fans trying to get to Edmonton are having a tough time this morning.

There are almost no planes being allowed to fly north or west from South Florida due to storms and FAA routing."

It doesn't seem like the Florida Panthers will be taking off for Edmonton anytime soon, even though they should get there before game time tomorrow. Most players are staying at the team's facilities for now, but they are also having trouble leaving due to flooding.
Duck boats should be called to get players out of flooded Holiday ParkFTL has major drainage issues still.

If this weather continues and the Panthers can't take off soon, we might see a postponement of the game. This isn't just a regular season game; we're in the middle of the Stanley Cup Final, and the NHL will want to ensure fairness for both teams. The Florida Panthers need adequate rest to compete at their best.
Stay tuned for further updates on this developing situation.
Source: Blade of Steel
Insider reveals Panthers may not be able to get to Edmonton due to weather
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Game 3 between the Florida Panthers and Edmonton Oilers could be postponed

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