BREAKING: Maple Leafs healthy scratching three of their top players tonight

Published April 2, 2023 at 2:55 PM

As the regular season winds down, most teams have just a handful of games left on their schedule. The Toronto Maple Leafs, in particular, have been aware of their playoff fate for some time now. And as of last night, it has been made official that they will face off against the Tampa Bay Lightning in the 2023 Stanley Cup playoffs, marking the second year in a row that the two teams will meet in the postseason.

With their playoff position secured, the Maple Leafs can now shift their focus to preparing for their first-round series against the Lightning. They are hoping to exact some revenge on their rivals after last year's defeat. In the meantime, the team is prioritizing getting healthy and strategizing for the upcoming playoffs, especially since they have nowhere to go in the standings.

The remaining games in the regular season do not hold much value for the Maple Leafs, apart from the opportunity to stack personal statistics. To that end, the team is taking a smart approach and resting some of their players to ensure they are in top condition for the playoffs.

The Leafs are resting Mitch Marner, Jake McCabe, and Mark Giordano tonight against the Red Wings.

Nick Abruzzese, Wayne Simmonds, and Conor Timmins enter the lineup in their place.

Although most hockey players would relish the opportunity to play every game, the Maple Leafs are in a unique position where their standing in the league is already secured. With the added pressure of this year's playoffs, it is more prudent to rest some of their players rather than risk injuries that could negatively impact their playoff run. By taking this approach, the Maple Leafs can ensure that their players are well-rested and in optimal condition for the more critical games ahead.
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BREAKING: Maple Leafs healthy scratching three of their top players tonight

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