Pat Maroon tried to fight a Maple Leafs fan while in the penalty box

Published April 21, 2023 at 10:52

The Tampa Bay Lightning had a rough night yesterday as the Toronto Maple Leafs managed to level the series at 1-1, leaving the Lightning disappointed. Despite winning the first game, the Lightning were no match for the Maple Leafs who managed to blow them out of the building with their impressive gameplay.

As the game progressed, tensions on the ice began to escalate and the atmosphere in the arena became more heated. The fans were fully engaged in the game and the tension was palpable. It wasn't long before the physicality of the game resulted in a few fights, which started with Luke Schenn and Tanner Jeannot, causing both the players and the crowd to become increasingly agitated.

As the game entered the final stages, a dramatic moment occurred, with Corey Perry and Pat Maroon finding themselves in the penalty box. The atmosphere in the arena was electric, and the fans' reactions to the game were visceral. In the midst of the chaos, Pat Maroon nearly fought one of the fans in the stands, indicating just how intense the game had become.

Corey Perry and Patrick Maroon were very upset at the rowdy fans behind them. Perry actually stopped Maroon from spearing a fan over the glass. Fans enjoyed his removal from the game.

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Pat Maroon tried to fight a Maple Leafs fan while in the penalty box

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