Jake Debrusk's Days In Boston Are Likely Over

Samer Dagher
February 26, 2024  (8:25 PM)

Boston Bruins forward Jake Debrusk
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Jake DeBrusk, currently playing for the Boston Bruins, is in the final season of his two-year deal and could become a free agent soon.

Could Jake Debrusk Emerge As A Rental Player?

There's speculation that he might be viewed as a "rental" player, potentially being traded to another team for the playoff push. Rumors suggest he could end up with a contender out west, such as the Edmonton Oilers.
«Does he wind up back west as a playoff rental for a contender out there – we've all heard the Oilers rumors – or does he become a playoff rental for the Bruins,» an unnamed NHL source explained to Boston Hockey Now. «It sure doesn't seem like he's signing an extension – if he signs one – before the season's over.»

However, DeBrusk has expressed his desire to stay with the Bruins, emphasizing his attachment to the team and his goal of winning a championship with them.
«Yeah, of course,» Debrusk answered about a potential extension. «That's what I've been consistent with since – I think the first time I was asked was in the summer – but yeah. This is all I know, and I grew up here and have obviously evolved and grown in different ways. It's one of those things where I want to win here. We were one game away in '19, and I want to win a Cup here in Boston. So that's my complete focus.»

Debrusk Likely Heading Home To Alberta

NHL analyst Pierre McGuire suggests that if the Bruins don't retain DeBrusk, he could receive significant offers from teams in Alberta, like the Edmonton Oilers or Calgary Flames.
«Here's what I do know: If the Bruins don't sign him – and, I don't know if they will or won't, I'm sure they value him – I guarantee an Alberta team will offer him a major contract,» NHL analyst Pierre McGuire said on a recent Eye Test Podcast. «I guarantee you, whether it's Edmonton or Calgary, he's going to be taken care of in the province of Alberta. That's if Boston doesn't sign him, and that's not a scare tactic; it's reality. I mean, there's a need for that type of player.»

DeBrusk's performance this season has been decent, with 13 goals and 14 assists in 57 games, contributing to the Bruins' success in the Atlantic Division.
With the NHL Trade Deadline approaching on March 8, DeBrusk's future with the Bruins remains uncertain, but his talent and potential make him an intriguing player for various teams.
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Jake Debrusk's Days In Boston Are Likely Over

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