Nick Foligno Calls Out Connor Bedard Sparking Controversy With The Chicago Blackhawks

Samer Dagher
January 1, 2024  (2:02 PM)

Chicago Blackhawks forward Nick Foligno guiding young players on the team
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Veteran forward Nick Foligno of the Chicago Blackhawks has voiced concerns about the team's recent struggles.

Blackhawks Forward Nick Foligno Calls Out Connor Bedard And The Other Youngsters

In his latest interview, Nick Foligno called out the younger players, including Connor Bedard, for not being adequately prepared for games due to a lack of rest and recovery.
Nick Foligno had a *lot* to say after that one. Said the Blackhawks are teetering on the line between "immaturity and ignorance" when it comes to their readiness to play.

»There has to be a sense of urgency. And a respect factor in the league. Just becoming professionals. That's the fight we're going to have. We understand where we're at and where we're trying to get to, but we need commitment at that part of it, where every day you're preparing, your consistency in how you prepare, your ability to understand the team you're playing, what you need to do to get yourself ready. That's not on coaches. They've done a hell of a job giving us a game plan and what we need to do and the time off that we need to rest and recover. That's on us. And that's the thing that drives me nuts as one of the older guys in the room. We need to figure that out soon. That to me is immaturity or ignorance. It borderlines a little bit. I don't want it to bleed into ignorance - 'Oh, we're young, or this.' That's excuses to me. And that's not a team we're going to be built on. We owe it to ourselves and to our fans to be a better version and every game we have to strive for that.»

Foligno highlighted the team's need for urgency, professionalism, and a sense of respect for the league. He emphasized the importance of commitment, preparation, and consistency, placing responsibility on the players rather than the coaches. Foligno urged the team to address these issues, labeling them as signs of immaturity or ignorance.
Specifically addressing Connor Bedard's well-known work ethic and extended time on the ice after practices, Foligno suggested that such habits might be contributing to overworking and insufficient recovery. He pointed out the potential consequences, including sluggish performances leading to significant losses, like an 8-1 defeat.
In summary, Foligno's comments underscore the importance of balancing hard work with proper rest and recovery to ensure the team's readiness and competitiveness in games.
Do you think Foligno went too far?
Nick Foligno Calls Out Connor Bedard Sparking Controversy With The Chicago Blackhawks

Do you think Nick Foligno went too far?

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