Viral video suggests Zach Hyman's success tied to wealthy parents

Samer Dagher
March 27, 2024  (5:05 PM)

Edmonton Oilers forward Zach Hyman
Photo credit: The Hockey News

A recent video by journalist Andrew Berkshire has caused quite a stir online. He's criticized the media for leaving out details about Zach Hyman's wealthy parents when discussing his success.

Berkshire argues that Hyman's incredible season, where he scored 50 goals, gets overshadowed by his family's money and connections.
He claims that Hyman got special opportunities and training because of his parents' wealth.
«You're missing the part of the story where Zach Hyman grew up insanely rich, where his parents bought an entire league to guarantee him playing time, where he did exclusive training that only a rich person could afford with professional athletes his whole life.»

While Berkshire admits Hyman worked hard, he suggests that being privileged helped him succeed, hinting that hard work alone isn't enough to make it big in hockey.
Berkshire's comments have angered many fans and hockey figures. They've countered his points, stressing Hyman's dedication and dismissing the idea that being rich guarantees success in sports. Former NHL players and journalists have joined in defending Hyman, praising his achievements and character.
Ryan Whitney writes, «I've never seen hockey Twitter all agree on one thing until today when that doofus made a video about Zach Hyman scoring 50 goals because he got a Range Rover for his 16th birthday.»

Scott Wheeler of The Athletic wrote, «Hyman's upbringing/family background have been documented pretty extensively, so I'm not sure this is a great example of the media not telling «truthful stories,» as you allege.» Oilers' journalist

Derek van Diest wrote, «Incidentally, Zach Hyman is one of the classiest, most accommodating players I have ever dealt with. He deserves all the success he is currently achieving.»

Former NHL player Bobby Ryan noted, «As someone who has maybe lived on both ends of the «financial edge» I can say this is just purely false. Who cares, he accomplished a feat not many do and to downplay the way it's reported is just wrong. You show up, do the work, good things happen. Only message.»

Carlo Colaiacovo wrote, «Let me tell you something Andrew. You can't buy your way to the NHL. You definitely can't buy your way to having the career Hyman has had which includes scoring 50. Pretty ridiculous thing to say.»

Even Hyman's personal trainer as he was growing up commented. He noted «I was Hyman's personal trainer when he was in high school. My job was to prepare him for the NHL combine. Yes, he had advantages. His family was wealthy and father obsessed with his success. But the dude worked hard. Harder than anybody I've ever seen. I worked with a lot of wealthy high school athletes back then. All had every advantage. All were talented and primed to compete in professional sports or the Olympics. A few made the Olympics. But none have had the consistent drive that Hyman's showcased for decades.»

Despite the uproar, Hyman keeps doing well in his career, proving that in hockey, success comes from determination and effort, no matter where you come from financially.
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Viral video suggests Zach Hyman's success tied to wealthy parents

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