MAJOR: Reporter Drops An Alarming Update On Marner's Future In Toronto

Tom Banks
January 12, 2024  (7:23 PM)

Toronto Maple Leafs' Mitch Marner takes in the atmosphere.
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After William Nylander inked a deal worth over $11 million annually, it appears that the writing may be on the wall for Mitch Marner.

A former Maple Leaf believes Mitch Marner is done in Toronto


Despite his incredible production, the Maple Leafs are yet to win with their Core Four, and with William Nylander now locked in long-term, it could mean the end for Marner according to Jay Rosehill.
The former Maple Leaf and current podcaster believes that with Nylander locked in, the Leafs need to move Marner if they want to fill the holes on the team that keep them from being a Stanley Cup squad.
"I see it and i can't help, when I think about Willy, I wanna sign Willy, I don't wanna let him go but every time I think about that contract, I think about Marner and what do we do with the Core-4, Marner's no-trades kicked in and it's like what are we gonna do?" Rosehill opined.

"Look at the team this year, are they gonna go the distance? Are they gonna win the Stanley Cup this year? It would be some kind of a miracle and maybe some major changes at the trade deadline.. as of right now I don't think having that many eggs in the basket of the core-4 is gonna work, it's not gonna work in the playoffs, you can have some pretty awesome regular seasons... but in my mind, I've said it before, we need to unload Marner and get as much as we possibly can for him."

Will Toronto trade Mitch Marner?

After this season, Marner has one year left on his deal in Toronto, carrying a cap hit of over $10 million, and given that many believed they would trade Nylander, now may be the time to get some value back.
It's not going to happen this season, but if Toronto can't go all the way this year, John Tavares is unlikely to be moved, so that leaves Marner, and over the summer, a trade to recoup some assets is a real possibility.

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MAJOR: Reporter Drops An Alarming Update On Marner's Future In Toronto

Will Mitch Marner leave the Maple Leafs when his contract is done?

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