BREAKING: 20-Goal Scorer Suspended 40 Games

Published October 26, 2023 at 11:24

One of the NHL's rising stars has just received a 41-game suspension due to an infringement of the NHL's betting regulations.

41-Game Suspension for Pinto

News has emerged that Shane Pinto, a forward for the Senators, has been handed a 41-game ban because of his involvement in sports betting.

Reports indicate Shane Pinto faces suspension. The NHL is set to announce the reasons shortly.

A reliable source has informed me that Pinto's suspension relates to sports betting activities.

Insiders report that Shane Pinto's #NHL suspension stems from betting-related actions, marking it as the league's inaugural suspension for sports wagering.

Elliotte Friedman verified that the suspension duration is 41 games, equating to half of an NHL season.

Pinto of the Senators faces a 41-game suspension for breaching NHL's gambling protocols.

Although Pinto hasn't finalized a contract, the Senators have withdrawn their contract proposal, deciding to keep him unsigned for the remainder of his contract period.

Last season, Pinto, during his debut year, netted 20 goals.
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BREAKING: 20-Goal Scorer Suspended 40 Games

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