Former Cup champion who battled Mental Health issues is now SOBER and loving life!

Published April 11, 2023 at 6:29 PM

The life of a professional athlete may seem glamorous to the outside world, but there is more to it than just playing a sport and making money. The pressures and expectations that come with being a professional athlete are immense. Every move they make is scrutinized by millions of people, who either cheer or boo them. As a result, athletes need to perform at the highest level at all times and be prepared to face criticism when they don't.

To maintain their peak physical ability, athletes have to put in a lot of work behind the scenes. They need to be disciplined with their training, nutrition, and emotions. It's a lifestyle that requires a lot of sacrifice and dedication, and it's certainly not glamorous.

When an athlete retires, it can be a challenging transition, and many of them struggle with depression and other mental health issues. Brent Sopel, a former Stanley Cup Champion, knows this all too well. He is now sharing his story with the world and trying to make a positive change in the lives of other athletes who are also struggling.

To help young players, Sopel started a mentorship program called the "Why Program." This program not only offers guidance to young players but also explores the reasons behind mental health issues in athletes. By raising awareness and providing support, Sopel is making a difference in the lives of athletes and helping to break down the stigma associated with mental health in sports.

After discovering his previously undiagnosed Dyslexia and getting sober, former #Blackhawks Stanley Cup winner Brent Sopel found a new lease on life. Now he's using his experiences to help youth hockey players through a new mental health initiative

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Former Cup champion who battled Mental Health issues is now SOBER and loving life!

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