Insider reveals why Val Nichushkin left the team with security

Published April 25, 2023 at 11:47

Recently, it was reported that Valeri Nichushkin, the Russian star of the Colorado Avalanche, departed from a hockey team event in the middle of the night accompanied by a security team. The reason for his sudden departure was unknown at the time, and despite inquiries, even his agent provided no explanation. All that was known was that he was spotted leaving his hotel late at night.

According to Frank Seravalli from Daily Faceoff, there are reports linking Nichushkin's abrupt departure from the team hotel to an alcohol-related incident involving his team. However, it should be noted that these details have not been confirmed.

@frank_seravalli said this morning in the @Sportsnet650 radio show that «something happened in the team hotel on Friday evening» and «it's related to the alcohol».

He also said he himself and other reporters are trying to figure out what part of this story should be published and what should be considered to remain private.

According to another insider, it doesn't sound we will be seeing Nichushkin with the Avalanche in the near future either:

Kypreos via Fan590 on Nichushkin «What I'm hearingHe may not be available for them for the foreseeable future»

So the Avs entire Stanley Cup winning 2nd line is now gone

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Insider reveals why Val Nichushkin left the team with security

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