James Wisniewski BLAMES one person for RUINING his NHL career

Published April 12, 2023 at 7:07 PM

Becoming a professional athlete and earning a spot in a major sports league is undoubtedly one of the most challenging feats to accomplish. It requires an immense amount of commitment, sacrifice, and hard work, much of which goes unseen by the public eye. The countless hours spent practicing, conditioning, and adhering to a strict diet can leave one questioning whether it's all worth it.

However, for those who do succeed, the feeling of achieving their lifelong dream is truly unparalleled, and they never want to give it up. James Wisniewski is one such athlete who knows this feeling all too well. Over the course of his career, he played in 552 games, tallying an impressive 53 goals, 221 assists, and 274 points. As a top-four defenseman, he consistently contributed 30+ points each season and even achieved a remarkable 51-point season.

Despite his success on the ice, Wisniewski faced a devastating setback in his final season with the NHL's Carolina Hurricanes, then run by Ron Francis. He suffered an injury in the first game of the season, but later felt he was fully recovered and ready to play. However, Francis didn't allow him to return to the ice, and Wisniewski was forced to watch the remainder of the season from the sidelines.

In a recent appearance on the Cam & Strick podcast, Wisniewski opened up about his experiences and shared his story with listeners.

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James Wisniewski BLAMES one person for RUINING his NHL career

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