Alex Ovechkin TKO's Andrei Svechnikov (VIDEO)

Published April 12, 2023 at 2:22 PM

While Alexander Ovechkin is recognized for his hockey skills, fighting is not typically one of them. However, there have been instances where the Russian player has been seen dropping his gloves and engaging in physical altercations on the ice.

During the 2019 playoffs, a young and inexperienced Russian player named Andrei Svechnikov made the ill-advised decision to provoke the veteran Ovechkin. Svechnikov made the mistake of "poking the bear," and he quickly learned the consequences of angering someone as experienced and powerful as Ovechkin.

In that heated playoff game, tensions were already high when Svechnikov challenged Ovechkin to a fight, likely hoping to prove himself. However, this decision proved costly as Ovechkin accepted the challenge, and the two players engaged in a physical altercation resulting in Svechnikov being knocked out. As a result, Svechnikov was unable to play for the remainder of the series.

Unfortunately for the Capitals, this incident seemed to ignite the Hurricanes, who were down 2-0 in the series. With renewed energy and determination, they went on to win the series, proving that Svechnikov's mistake may have ultimately played a role in the Capitals' defeat.

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Alex Ovechkin TKO's Andrei Svechnikov (VIDEO)

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