Kevin Bieksa KO's Radko Gudas with a SUPERMAN-PUNCH

Published April 7, 2023 at 5:18 PM

Many hockey enthusiasts enjoy witnessing fights in the game, as it adds an extra dimension beyond mere skill and allows players to self-regulate, a measure that many current and former players believe enhances the game's safety.

Kevin Bieksa, a retired professional hockey player with a lengthy and prosperous career, was well-known for his willingness to engage in fisticuffs. Bieksa was particularly adept at executing the superman punch, a move that catches opponents off-guard and provides the attacker with a clear advantage.

The following altercation features Bieksa catching Radko Gudas off-guard with his signature move, resulting in Gudas being knocked down.

April 7   |   27 answers
Kevin Bieksa KO's Radko Gudas with a SUPERMAN-PUNCH

Was Bieksa a heavyweight?

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