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Frank Seravalli absolutely loses it on social media against a fan

Published April 1, 2024 at 2:32 PM

Insider Frank Seravalli didn't hold back on Sunday night when he destroyed a fan on social media over anti-semitic comments.

Hockey is known for its classy athletes and insiders, who generally uphold good character. This was reaffirmed when respected NHL insider Frank Seravalli recently took to social media in a passionate response. He didn't hold back, strongly condemning a fan for their actions.

"You are a piece of shit," wrote Seravalli. "Pour yourself a big glass of bleach tonight and do us all a favor."

Seravalli's tweet might appear harsh at first glance, but the context is crucial. He was defending a colleague who had faced despicable anti-Semitic remarks from the fan in question. The original tweet containing these offensive remarks is not worth giving further attention.


The fan's comments were particularly shocking as they were directed at Seravalli's colleague seemingly out of the blue, following a discussion on the NCAA's involvement in hockey. Given this context, Seravalli's intense reaction becomes more understandable.

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NHL insider destroys 'fan' over anti-semitic comments.
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Frank Seravalli absolutely loses it on social media against a fan

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