Shocking new details emerge regarding Babcock's mistreatment of Mitch Marner

Elliot Ben Jacob
June 1, 2024  (3:12 PM)

Former NHL coach Mike Babcock.
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Mike Babcock's abrasive coaching style likely means he will never return to the NHL, especially considering his harsh treatment of players like Mitch Marner.

Babcock's outdated approach clashes with the NHL's modern values

A story has surfaced revealing Mike Babcock's controversial interaction with Mitch Marner during his NHL debut. On the day Marner was making his NHL debut, Babcock abruptly told him he would be sent back to juniors, during the game:
A little more than a month after signing with the Leafs, Babcock tried to influence who the team would take with its first pick in the 2015 NHL Draft, according to multiple team sources.

Mark Hunter, the Leafs assistant general manager, lobbied for Mitchell Marner of the OHL's London Knights, which Hunter co-owns. Babcock made it clear to others in the team's hockey operations that he wanted a different player. Despite Babcock's objections, the Leafs selected Marner fourth overall.

After the first period of Marner's first preseason game, Babcock approached him in the tunnel and abruptly told him he was being sent back to junior — rather than sharing the news in a private meeting. Babcock's approach, relaying the disappointing news after a single period, was viewed by some in the organization as unprofessional and callous.

This incident, which occurred when Marner was just 18 years old, is a testament to Babcock's questionable methods. Babcock's reputation for being tough on his players has often been criticized, but this particular event highlights the extent of his harshness. Marner, who was just starting his career, had to face a demoralizing experience right at the outset.
Many within the NHL community have expressed relief that Babcock is no longer coaching in the league. His approach does not align with the current emphasis on player well-being and development. Babcock's style may have been tolerated in the past, but today's NHL prioritizes respect and professionalism.
Mike Babcock's coaching philosophy was once revered, but stories like this show why it no longer has a place in the modern NHL. As the league continues to evolve, the focus is on nurturing talent and maintaining a positive environment, a stark contrast to Babcock's era. His departure from the NHL is seen by many as a necessary change for the betterment of the sport.
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Shocking new details emerge regarding Babcock's mistreatment of Mitch Marner

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