The Reason Why The Chicago Blackhawks Were Quiet On Corey Perry Has Been Unveiled

Published December 2, 2023 at 1:37 PM

We finally know why the Blackhawks organization couldn't reveal the exact details of what Perry really did

This week, the Corey Perry case has dominated the NHL headlines. Today it was journalist Martin Leclerc who shared with us some important information. Leclerc sheds light on why the organization couldn't disclose all details, despite public curiosity.

As we all know, Corey Perry is the central figure. Yesterday he issued an apology and acknowledged seeking help for his alcohol consumption.

One thing we seem to forget is there was also a victim within the organization who is also part of this situation and the Blackhawks had to do their due diligence to protect him.

Many people blame the Blackhawks for their lack of transparency in this story. The problem is that someone was a victim of Perry's unacceptable behavior. And as an employer, Kyle Davidson has the responsibility to protect the anonymity of this victim, even within his organization.

If similar allegations occurred in a law firm, a factory, or any other workplace, no employer would disclose the existence of an investigation before it is completed, nor the names of the people involved. That would be downright irresponsible."

- Martin Leclerc, Radio-Canada Sports

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The Reason Why The Chicago Blackhawks Were Quiet On Corey Perry Has Been Unveiled

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