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Vancouver Canucks Attempting To Block The Edmonton Oilers From Making A Trade

Published February 19, 2024 at 7:28 PM

The Vancouver Canucks are reportedly considering a trade, partly to block their Canadian rival from acquiring defenseman Chris Tanev from the Calgary Flames.

Canucks Attempting To Block Trade From The Oilers

NHL insider Elliotte Friedman discussed the trade rumors surrounding Tanev, mentioning that both the Edmonton Oilers and the Canucks are interested. However, Friedman highlighted the Canucks strong desire to prevent the Oilers from acquiring Tanev.

"Vancouver I think it's very hard for them to do," admitted Friedman on the 32 Thoughts podcast. "But I think they like the idea of it and they would really prefer Edmonton not get him."

Friedman explained on the 32 Thoughts podcast that while the Canucks like the idea of acquiring Tanev, it would be challenging for them to pull off. Vancouver's management sees preventing Edmonton from acquiring Tanev as a priority.

Apart from the rivalry between the two teams, there are strategic considerations at play. Both the Canucks and Oilers are competing in the NHL's Pacific Division and could face each other in the 2024 Stanley Cup playoffs. Acquiring Tanev could provide a competitive edge.

However, Vancouver faces hurdles in making the trade happen. Tanev has a 10-team no-trade clause, a $4.5 million cap hit, and the Flames are asking for a high price.

Where do you think Tanev is heading?
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Vancouver Canucks Attempting To Block The Edmonton Oilers From Making A Trade

Where do you think Tanev is heading?

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