MAJOR: Insider Predicts When the Coyotes Will Relocate

Published October 10, 2023 at 11:27

The future of the Arizona Coyotes is uncertain, with relocation whispers growing louder. An influential insider believes he knows the next destination for the team.

From Arizona to Houston: Seravalli's Insight

Frank Seravalli, a respected voice from Daily Faceoff, recently shared 32 audacious forecasts for the coming NHL season. Among these predictions, one, in particular, has caught significant attention.

"The Arizona Coyotes' move to Houston for the 2024-25 season will be confirmed by the NHL in April. The hint might have come when Commissioner Gary Bettman hinted at a February deadline for the Coyotes to unveil their arena strategy. The Mullett Arena isn't a permanent solution, and Houston's recent $30 million upgrade to Toyota Center's ice plant is noteworthy. With this shift, Phoenix could become a prime candidate for NHL expansion, given the league's affinity for markets ready for a reboot." - Frank Seravalli

By April, according to Seravalli, we might hear about the Coyotes' move to Houston.

Houston, as a potential home for the second Texan NHL team, is appealing. Texas' large market already successfully hosts two teams in both the NFL—with the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans—and NBA, with the Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets.

Observing this trend, it's plausible Commissioner Gary Bettman is envisioning similar success for the NHL. If Seravalli's speculation turns out to be true, this move could redefine the NHL's landscape.

While relocation talk is rife, the Coyotes remain determined to stay in Arizona, striving to ensure a stable future in the state.

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MAJOR: Insider Predicts When the Coyotes Will Relocate

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