Boston Bruins playoff tickets show up online and the price is insane

Published March 13, 2023 at 10:48

The Boston Bruins, with an impressive 50-10-5 record, were the fastest team to hit 50 wins in NHL history. They have also become the first team to qualify for the playoffs. Their outstanding performance has created a lot of hype, which is evident in their playoff ticket prices.

Upper bowl tickets are currently being sold on Ticketmaster for $1500USD, which is an exorbitant amount for a single game. The tickets currently available appear to be resale tickets from season ticket holders.


Despite the high price, the Bruins' outstanding performance suggests that the price for admission may be worth it in the playoffs. This year's Bruins team could lead to something special in the postseason. It remains to be seen if fans would be willing to pay this price to watch a first round game though.

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