Connor Bedard's Mother Melanie Attempts To Distance Herself From The Disgusting Corey Perry Rumors

Published November 29, 2023 at 12:08
It's been a trending topic for days, and it doesn't seem to be fading away anytime soon. Veteran NHL forward Corey Perry was placed on waivers by the Chicago Blackhawks on Tuesday, and if he clears, the team plans to terminate his contract due to "unacceptable conduct" violating workplace policies.

Chicago Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson Shuts Down Rumors About Perry's Termination

During the team's press conference, General Manager Kyle Davidson addressed and dispelled wild rumors involving Melanie Bedard, the mother of Blackhawks' rookie sensation Connor Bedard. Social media platforms, including Reddit and X (formerly Twitter), circulated speculations that Perry had a connection with Melanie Bedard.

Davidson unequivocally stated that no other players or their families were involved, dismissing such suggestions as "wildly inaccurate" and "frankly, disgusting."

#Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson says he can't reveal any details, says it is a "workplace matter."

«This does not involve any player or their families, and anyone that suggests otherwise is wildly inaccurate and it's frankly disgusting.»

Connor Bedard's Mother Melanie Deletes Social Media To Distance Herself From All The Corey Perry Rumors

It seems like Melanie Bedard has attempted to get away from all the noise and mess that the rumours have created for her and her family. When you are looking up for her Instagram account, it is no longer activated, meaning the poor woman probably had to delete her social accounts to get away from comments and messages Can you imagine what she's been going through?


Despite clear statements from insiders and GM Davidson that nothing inappropriate happened between Perry and Melanie Bedard, the rumors persist. The notion that players can't behave during the Mothers' trip is dismissed as ridiculous, and Perry's actions, whatever they may be, seem to be a step the Blackhawks want to distance themselves from, especially considering the team's history, including the Kyle Beach scandal.


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Connor Bedard's Mother Melanie Attempts To Distance Herself From The Disgusting Corey Perry Rumors

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