The next contract for Leon Draisaitl has been leaked

Tyler Ball
March 29, 2024  (8:57 PM)

Edmonton Oilers forward Leon Draisaitl celebrating a goal scored with teammate and captain Connor McDavid.
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Leon Draisaitl is heading into the final year of his contract next season. A new report from an Edmonton Oilers insider has leaked what kind of extension he might sign this offseason.

Leon Draisaitl has been a key player for the Edmonton Oilers since he debuted. Heading into the 2024-25 NHL season his future in Edmonton hangs in the balance. He will be heading into the last year of his contract and NHL reporter Jim Matheson decided to take a look at a potential extension.
Leon Draisaitl's future with the Edmonton Oilers has been put in doubt for the first time this season. After an argument with forward Evander Kane earlier this month some have been wondering if he even wants to stay in Edmonton.
With Leon Draisaitl his age 29 season next year an extension becomes more risky for the Edmonton Oilers. Any player heading into their 30s has a potential for regression. To avoid this the Edmonton Oilers could take a page out of the Toronto Maple Leafs playbook that would work out well for them and Leon Draisaitl.

Oilers and Leon Draisaitl could look to Auston Matthews for contract inspiration

With a shorter deal potentially being the correct move for both player and franchise the Edmonton Oilers could sign Leon Draisaitl to an Auston Matthews-type deal.
"He can sign a four-year deal like Auston Matthews did in Toronto, not knowing where the cap is going to go, leaving himself room for another contract at 32. Matthews cap hit is $13.25 m and Leon would want at least that, maybe a tad more."

Auston Matthews this past offseason signed a four-year contract at a lower cap hit than expected. This would allow the Edmonton Oilers to keep Leon Draisaitl's cap hit lower and avoid a potential long-term falloff. Leon Draisaitl could earn another contract at age 34.
It is unclear if Leon Draisaitl would be willing to take this kind of deal. A short-term deal takes a lot of self-confidence that another bigger deal could be coming down the road. One thing is for sure the Edmonton Oilers need to find a way to keep their core group of stars together.
Source: Hockey Patrol - Leon Draisaitl's Next Contract Potentially Leaks
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The next contract for Leon Draisaitl has been leaked

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