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NBA accidentally leaks New York Rangers playoffs schedule

Published April 16, 2024 at 4:36 PM

The NBA accidentally revealed the date for the New York Rangers game one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs by announcing the New York Knicks opener date. This could have been avoided with better communication between the NBA and NHL, especially considering Madison Square Garden's significance in sports history.

From the NHL's perspective, it's a missed opportunity to generate excitement for the Rangers' playoff opener, given their expected deep run. Surprisingly, it was the NBA that broke the news first, beating the NHL to the punch.

Looks like the NBA just told us #NYR game 1 Is Sunday by announcing the #newyorkforever ' game 1 date. It's unlikely there's a playoff doubleheader at MSG. This round goes to the @NBA for beating the @NHL to the playoff punch at the world's most famous arena.

It begs the question: Was the NBA's timing intentional to disrupt the NHL's plans? They could have waited a few days to finish their play-in rounds while the NHL concluded its regular season. However, both leagues have dedicated teams working tirelessly, making a simple slip-up seem unlikely.

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NBA Slip-Up Unveils Rangers Playoff Date at MSG
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NBA accidentally leaks New York Rangers playoffs schedule

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