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Ilya Samsonov In Danger After Being Heavily Criticised By Sheldon Keefe And Ex-Ref Tim Peel

Published December 30, 2023 at 3:04 PM

Former referee Tim Peel caused quite a stir with his recent comments about the Maple Leafs on X.

Tim Peel's Comments on Samsonov are Going Viral


Peel often takes on X to share his controversal opinions. However, last night, it wasn't controversial, as people agreed with him.

He widely criticized the Maple Leafs' goalie Ilya Samsonov, after a terrible performance.

sharing his contentious opinions on X, and last night was no exception when he launched a scathing critique directed at the Maple Leafs' goalie, Ilya Samsonov.

"#LeafsForever has no D and with out Joseph Woll they are screwed. Samsonov sucks!!"

It's hard to deny that Samsonov has had a tough season. With Joseph Woll sidelined with an injury, the workload on Samsonov has been bigger than anticipated. He hasn't been good enough unfortunately, with a 5-2-6 record, a save percentage of 0.862, and a GAA of 3.94.

Consensus Grows for Samsonov's Departure: Even Keefe is Getting Tired


Samsonov's persistent struggles have worn thin on Maple Leafs fans throughout the season. His inconsistency has reached a point where fans hold their breath whenever he's sent on the ice.

Notable journalists, including Jonas Siegel from The Athletic, have suggested that it might be time for the Leafs to get rid of him.

That opinion seems to be shared by many other fans:

Even Toronto's coach, Sheldon Keefe, expressed disappointment in Samsonov:

"I'm sure [Brad Treliving] is going to consider everything."

"Mistakes get magnified when you don't get saves."

With Joseph Woll sidelined, the Leafs face limited options in their goaltending department. Relying solely on Martin Jones until Woll's return isn't a sustainable scenario. Therefore, when the young goalie does make his comeback, it shouldn't be too long before Treliving decides to pull the trigger on Samsonov.

What do you think will happen with Samsonov? Let us know in the comments!

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Ilya Samsonov In Danger After Being Heavily Criticised By Sheldon Keefe And Ex-Ref Tim Peel

What do you think will happen with Samsonov?

He'll be traded5519.6 %
He'll be placed on waivers13447.7 %
He'll join the Player Assistance Program4817.1 %
He'll stay with the Leafs as number two to Woll4415.7 %
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