Terry Ryan Jr in a Montreal Canadiens uniform
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Toronto Maple Leafs Sign 47-Year-Old Rookie To A New Contract

Published January 14, 2024 at 3:14 PM
Terry Ryan Jr., known for his roles as an actor and writer, was a former first-round NHL draft pick. His last hockey appearance was in the AESHL during 202122 with the St. John's Senior Caps.

Terry Ryan Jr Inks New Contract With Maple Leafs Organization

As per "Spittin' Chiclets," the ex-NHL player is set to join the Newfoundland Growlers in the ECHL, facing the Adirondack Thunder. A tweet hinted at the possibility of the 47-year-old suiting up for the game.

This move seems more like a spectacle to grab attention and engage the hockey community and fans of "LetterKenny" and "Shoresy."

While there's concern about the 47-year-old's well-being, it's likely this appearance is more for show, and he may not spend much time on the ice.

Drafted eighth overall by the Montreal Canadiens in 1995, Ryan played eight NHL games, gaining a reputation for his physical style with 36 penalty minutes. After various league stints, he briefly stepped away from the game (20032007) before returning to play in leagues like Chinook HL, WCSHL, NLSHL, ECSHL, NSHL-Sr., and AESHL.
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Toronto Maple Leafs Sign 47-Year-Old Rookie To A New Contract

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