Auston Matthews potentially dealing with a concussion per new reports

Samer Dagher
April 30, 2024  (11:43)

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Auston Matthews
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A concerning rumor regarding Auston Matthews has surfaced, suggesting that the Toronto Maple Leafs star player could be dealing with a concussion.

Following his removal from Game 4 against the Boston Bruins and uncertainty surrounding his status for Game 5, longtime Leafs analyst Howard Berger has raised the possibility of Matthews suffering from a concussion.
The speculation stems partly from comments made by Leafs coach Sheldon Keefe regarding Matthews's condition, noting that his symptoms worsen when he's on the ice.
"For whatever reason, it's not one of those everyday types of illnesses that sort of come and go. This one has lingered, and the effects have lingered and gotten worse when he's on the ice asserting himself."

Berger acknowledged the secrecy surrounding health issues in the playoffs but highlighted Matthews's history with concussions. He pointed out that while the team labels it as an 'illness,' the symptoms exacerbated by physical exertion suggest a potential head injury.
"I know that Matthews has sustained at least two concussions during his years in the NHL. And, while I have no pertinent info, the fact the Leafs are calling it an ‘illness' rather than an injury — and that the issue is complicated by physical exertion — leads me to think he may have taken another shot to the head.

Of course, the NHL has strict concussion protocol and the Leafs would be obligated to keep Matthews out of the line–up if he's experiencing any effects of post–concussion syndrome. I'm sort of debunking my own argument, but no one tells the truth in the playoffs. So we are left to speculate. And, I'm comfortable with the head–shot hypothesis."

Refuting the idea of food poisoning, Berger argued that the lingering nature of Matthews's condition aligns more with concussion symptoms than with a temporary illness.
"Were that the case, he'd be very sick for a brief time. Food poisoning doesn't ‘linger'. Neither is it exacerbated by physical activity. You find yourself bent over a toilet until it passes."

Official details may not emerge until the end of the Leafs' playoff run, which could conclude tonight as they face elimination. Until then, speculation about Matthews's condition persists.
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Concussion: Worrying rumor concerning Auston Matthews
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Auston Matthews potentially dealing with a concussion per new reports

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