Elliotte Friedman shares shocking information on Marner and Keefe's relationship

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June 13, 2024  (10:15)

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Mitch Marner
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As trade talks heat up around Toronto Maple Leafs forward Mitch Marner, NHL Insider Elliote Friedman shared shocking information about his relationship with his former coach Sheldon Keefe.

Mitch Marner has been an integral part of the Toronto Maple Leafs, having been a member of their Core Four for a number of years. Yet, after another first-round loss in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, many fans are discussing the player's possible trade. However, the team will not ask him to waive his no-movement clause until they get a deal they cannot refuse.
"Mitch Marner reportedly won't be asked to waive his NMC until the Leafs get a trade offer to their liking"

Yet, as the Leafs are looking to get a bargain for a high-value player, NHL Insider Elliote Freidman shared some surprising information about Marner's relationship with his former head coach Sheldon Keefe, who is now serving the same position for the New Jersey Devils. Friedman shared on the Leafs Morning Take podcast that the coach was softer on the players than others due to heightened sensitivity.
"I do think Keefe could be pretty hard on Nylander in particular, but the one thing I think is Keefe was very careful when it came to Marner, because I think they felt Marner's sensitivity at times, and I'm curious to see if that will change."

It is relatively unusual for a hockey player at the NHL level to be considered sensitive, considering the sheer brutality of the sport. However, fans are not pushing back on these claims, and have instead expressed concern and frustration. If Marner does not toughen up his skin, he could be out on his first day with their new coach, Craig Berube.
"Elliotte Friedman says Sheldon Keefe was extremely careful about how he treated Marner because of how sensitive Marner is.

If that's the case, I don't know how Marner thinks he will put up with the pressure of another season in Toronto.

I'm so sick of this situation."

Given how much of hockey is a mental excercise, it is understandable that fans would want a sensitive player to move on from the team. However, with no news yet of a solid trade deal for Mitch Marner, Craig Berube and the Toronto Maple Leafs might have to skate on eggshells for another season.
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Elliotte Friedman shares shocking information on Marner and Keefe's relationship

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