Former Leafs player absolutely blasts Mitch Marner and the team

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April 29, 2024  (5:03 PM)

Jay Rosehill fighting Colton Orr pre-retirement
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Toronto is down in their playoff series against the Boston Bruins and has understandably earned the anger of their fan base. However, the team was also met with the vitriol of a former Maple Leaf who unloaded his frustrations with their uninspired play.

With the Boston Bruins leading the series 3-1, the Toronto Maple Leafs are going to have a difficult time trying to dig themselves out of the hole to advance past the first round of playoffs. Yet, the team was met with more than the frustration of their fans, as a former member of the team ripped into their game after their most recent loss.
In a recent interview on The Leafs Nation After Dark, former Philadelphia Flyers and Toronto Maple Leafs left-winger Jay Rosehill demolished the team for their terrible play and attitude. Rosehill accused the team of not caring about the game's stakes.
"I can handle a game three loss, because they ******* went balls out, they were peppering everything they could. It was passionate, it was energetic. I could give a rip if you take too many penalties because you're just playing with your nuts out as hard as you can. Tonight, was so uninspiring, so pathetic that I just had to watch these guys just look around and *****. ***** that it wasn't easy. ***** that it wasn't given to them. What planet are they on? What league are they playing in? Do they even know what the Stanley Cup is? Do they even ******* watch hockey? Do you even know hockey?"

After ripping into the whole team, Rosehill directed his verbal attacks on Mitch Marner. Instead of belittling his style of play, he tore into the Leafs right-winger for his character.
"I look at Mitch Marner and the breakdown on some of his shifts, and all I can think is 'Who do you think you are? Are you too good to stop and start? Are you too good to get back in your ******* position? Who do you think you are? Who do you think you are? Are you too good to try? Do you expect everything in your life to be given to you because your daddy told you you're the greatest thing since sliced bread since you were five?

Though Rosehill is exceedingly harsh on the players and vulgar in his delivery, most Toronto Maple Leafs followers tend to agree with him. The fanbase is clearly tired of seeing a high-potential team fail at almost every opportunity they receive.
The Bruins and Maple Leafs will play the fifth game in their series tomorrow evening at TD Garden in Boston. If Toronto does not want to be eliminated from the playoffs, they may just need to take note of Rosehill's frustrations.
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Former Leafs player absolutely blasts Mitch Marner and the team

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