Ryan Reaves meets with Craig Berube and sounds off regarding the hiring

Samer Dagher
June 17, 2024  (11:28)

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Ryan Reaves
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Toronto Maple Leafs enforcer Ryan Reaves shared his unfiltered thoughts regarding the Craig Berube hiring.

The Toronto Maple Leafs recently hired Craig Berube as their new head coach following their first-round elimination by the Boston Bruins in the 2024 Stanley Cup playoffs. Many believe Berube will bring a tough, determined coaching style that the team has been missing. One of the Leafs' players, enforcer Ryan Reaves, strongly supports this sentiment.
During an appearance on SiriusXM's NHL Network Radio, Reaves shared his positive thoughts on Berube's hiring. Reaves, known for his physical style of play, believes Berube will bring a fresh, needed attitude to the team.
"I got to sit with him briefly after the season once he was hired," revealed Reaves. "I think he's just gonna bring a new attitude."

Reaves also noted that Berube could address some of the attitude-related issues the team has faced in the past.
"A new swagger that obviously the team has been missing," admitted Reaves. "I'm excited to play for him."

Reaves already had a high opinion of Berube before the hire, influenced by former teammates from the St. Louis Blues who spoke highly of him.
"He was really liked in St. Louis," revealed Reaves. "I never got to play for him there, I missed him by a year and a half, but I talked to guys about him but everybody kind of says the same thing, they would go through a wall for the guy."

Reaves believes that a coach who can inspire such dedication is crucial in the NHL.
"I think that's an important aspect for a team and coach, so yeah I think it's gonna be a fun year with him," said Reaves.

He also thinks Berube's previous success will bring a level of authority that the team's former coach might have lacked.
"I think you understand that they know what it takes to win," admitted Reaves. "With him having a Cup his first year in St. Louis I think everyone understands that he was a big part of turning that team around, he knows what he's talking about. That resume is gonna help for sure."

Source: hockeyfeed
Ryan Reaves shares his unfiltered thoughts on Craig Berube.
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Ryan Reaves meets with Craig Berube and sounds off regarding the hiring

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