Garnett Hathaway of the Philadelphia Flyers and Tom Wilson of the Washington Capitals fighting
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Former Teammates Exchange Big Blows In Between Whistles

Published March 2, 2024 at 8:52

In Friday night's game between the Philadelphia Flyers and the Washington Capitals, tensions boiled over during the third period. Despite the Capitals having the lead, former Capitals forward Garnet Hathaway, now playing for the Flyers, seemed particularly irritated.

Former Teammates Hathaway And Wilson Exchange Big Blows

During a break in the game, Hathaway had enough of his former teammate Tom Wilson's taunts and slashed him with his stick. Wilson retaliated, and the two players got into a heated exchange, resembling more of a wrestling match than a hockey fight. Hathaway eventually gained the upper hand, knocking Wilson to the ice.

Former teammates Tom Wilson and Garnet Hathaway go AT IT during a stoppage in play 😳👊

As other players joined the fray, including Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin, the situation escalated. Both players ended up in the penalty box, each receiving a four-minute penalty for roughing.

The Capitals ultimately triumphed with a 5-2 victory over the Flyers scoring five consecutive goals in the last two periods to secure the win.
Wilson contributed two assists during the game, while Hathaway didn't score any points.

The altercation between Wilson and Hathaway highlighted the lack of goodwill between the two players, stemming from their time together in Washington.
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Former Teammates Exchange Big Blows In Between Whistles

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