Connor McDavid Accidentally Gives Major Details on His Injury

Published October 22, 2023 at 12:32

Following last night's game, there is widespread speculation regarding the severity of McDavid's injury. Now, there appears to be a development, as he was captured on camera discussing his injury with the Oilers' medical staff.

McDavid Possibly Suffers Important Injury in Matchup Against Jets


During the Oilers-Jets game last night, all eyes were fixed on McDavid towards the end of the match and throughout overtime. Unfortunately for the Oilers, the focus shifted to the bench. McDavid was sidelined for the final minutes of the third period and the entirety of overtime due to an injury.

It seems this injury, suspected to be non-contact in nature, may have occurred as McDavid was skating up the ice.

Connor McDavid potential injury.

While the exact extent of the injury remains uncertain, McDavid seemed to tell to the Oilers' medical team that he might have suffered a tear.

Here was McDavid's last shift. I know @jedrock43 can read lips. Did McDavid say «tore something» to TD Forss?

It is unlikely that McDavid could diagnose himself so quickly, and without audio, it is impossible to confirm precisely what was said. Nevertheless, this does provide some insight into McDavid's condition at the time of the incident.

McDavid Attempted to Skate Between the Third Period and Overtime But Wasn't Comfortable


McDavid made an effort to skate between the third period and overtime, indicating his determination. However, it appears that something continued to feel wrong, as he did not return to the ice following the test skate. Oilers' head coach also commented on the injury post-game.

Woodcroft on Mcdavid. «It appeared to be muscular... just to me as i watched during the play. we'll see. I'll have more information tomorrow."

He added he hasn't spoke to trainers yet.

A 1-3–1 start and potential McDavid injury. Couldn't imagine a worse start for the Oilers.

Updates will follow.

As seen on Markerzone - McDavid Confirms His Injury Live on Air
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Connor McDavid Accidentally Gives Major Details on His Injury

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