Ryan O'Reilly injured by a teammate in tough loss

Published March 5, 2023 at 9:45

Most fans were thrilled when Kyle Dubas traded for Ryan O'Reilly, but some had reservations due to their past experience with Nick Foligno's acquisition. Some Leafs fans were concerned that O'Reilly, a veteran who had recently suffered a broken foot, might not be at his best. However, those worries were quickly dispelled by his performance.

On Saturday night, the Vancouver Canucks faced off against the Maple Leafs in a game that the Canucks' head coach referred to as "his team's playoffs". The Canucks used this motivation to defeat the Maple Leafs 4-1. However, the health of Ryan O'Reilly may be a bigger concern for the Leafs.

Late in the second period, Auston Matthews took a shot that hit O'Reilly's hand directly. O'Reilly shook out his hand and went straight to the bench.

Sheldon Keefe was unable to provide an update on ROR's injury after the game, but it seems likely that he has broken his hand or finger.

If O'Reilly is out for an extended period of time, it may not affect their playoff position significantly, but his absence against the Lightning would be a significant loss.
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