BREAKING: Anaheim Ducks make a TRADE for Caulfield

Published March 31, 2023 at 3:58 PM

Although the trade deadlines for the National Hockey League (NHL) and the American Hockey League (AHL) have already passed, there are still opportunities for trades to occur in the NHL. However, these trades cannot have an impact on the NHL roster for the upcoming post-season. Instead, these trades often involve players who are not currently playing in the NHL.

Recently, Ron Hextall, the General Manager of the Pittsburgh Penguins, made an official announcement about a trade his team had made. The Penguins have acquired defenseman Thimo Nickl in exchange for Judd Caulfield.

Both Nickl and Caulfield are not currently playing in the NHL, so this trade will not have any immediate impact on the Penguins' post-season roster. However, it does represent a significant move for the team and could impact their future plans.

It will be interesting to see how Nickl and Caulfield perform in their new roles and how this trade ultimately affects the Penguins' success.

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BREAKING: Anaheim Ducks make a TRADE for Caulfield

Who won this trade?

Anaheim2551 %
Pittsburgh2449 %
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