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BREAKING: Former Top-10 Pick Gets The Boot From His Team

Published January 23, 2024 at 4:02 PM
The 2023-24 season has been a challenging one for Nick Ritchie. Despite being a former 10th overall pick, he struggled to secure a contract with an NHL team at prior to the regular season. As a result, Ritchie opted to play in the Finnish Elite League. However, after just 10 games, his stint there has come to an end.

Former NHL Player Released by Finnish Team

Ritchie faced a setback in December when he was suspended for eight games by SM-Liiga while playing for Karpat. The suspension resulted from an altercation with Markus Nurmi of TPS Turku. During a puck battle in the corner, Ritchie, displeased with the outcome, pushed Nurmi to the ice, grabbed the back of his head, and delivered multiple punches.

Ritchie's suspension concluded recently, but Karpat announced today that he won't be returning to the team. In an official statement, Karpat's Sports Director Mikko Myllykoski stated the following:

"Kärpät cannot offer Ritchie a big enough role in the team for the rest of the season, so he is free to look for a place to play elsewhere. When he came up, we knew he was a high risk / high reward style card that we thought was worth a look. However, he was not able to rise to the role that we would have needed him to play." - Karpat Sports Director Mikko Myllykoski


The team did not specify whether Ritchie's past incident with Nurmi influenced their decision or if it was solely based on performance expectations. Ritchie, with 481 regular-season NHL games under his belt, had a modest performance in the Finnish Elite League, scoring 1 goal and providing 4 assists in the 10 games before his suspension.

Karpat mentioned that Ritchie, aged 28, would not be part of their team as he seeks a new opportunity with another club.

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BREAKING: Former Top-10 Pick Gets The Boot From His Team

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