BREAKING: NHL franchise temporarily CHANGING their logo

Published March 30, 2023 at 1:41 PM

Team logo's are a sacred thing. Something you don't normally alter or disrespect. The logos of hockey teams are held in high esteem.

The mere sight of a Maple Leaf instantly brings to mind the Toronto Maple Leafs, while the iconic logo of the Montreal Canadiens is often jokingly compared to a toilet seat. Changing a team's logo is usually unheard of unless they are going back to a retro design for special events.

Despite initial doubts about their Expansion draft strategy, the Seattle Kraken have been one of the most impressive teams this season. They surprised everyone by leaving big names such as Vladimir Tarasenko on the table, but have since made a comeback and are currently holding onto a Wild Card position. This impressive turnaround has been a remarkable achievement for a team that finished 30th last season.

The Seattle Kraken are now set to make history as they are poised to make their first-ever Stanley Cup playoff appearance in franchise history. In recognition of the milestone and the team's commitment to sustainability, the Kraken announced that they will be changing their logo on April 6th, in honour of "Green Night." The change is a testament to the team's values, and it is a reflection of the unique identity and culture that the Kraken has cultivated in such a short time. This bold move underscores the team's commitment to social and environmental responsibility while also showcasing their creativity and flexibility in adapting to changing circumstances.

On April 6, we're celebrating the natural beauty of our home on Green Night, pres. by @boeing 🌲

Designed by local muralist @onesevennine, the #SeaKraken will wear speciality warm-up jerseys that highlight the power of nature and clean energy found in the PNW.

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BREAKING: NHL franchise temporarily CHANGING their logo

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