Elliotte Friedman Reveals Where Patrick Kane Is Headed

Samer Dagher
November 25, 2023  (3:31)

Hockey insider Elliotte Friedman has revealed that Patrick Kane will be signing with an Eastern Conference team.

Friedman Reports Patrick Kane Not Interested In Signing With Western Conference Team Due To Travel Requirements

Patrick Kane, despite initial expectations of securing a deal in November, remains without a contract. While Buffalo is the top candidate to secure Kane this season, the ongoing absence of a signed deal has fueled speculation about his eventual destination. It looks like there are three teams leading the way right now according to trusted insider Elliotte Friedman.
From 32 Written Thoughts:
Once Patrick Kane gets over his turkey coma, we'll get a clearer picture of what he's thinking. He's done a good job keeping us guessing.

Educated dart-throwing: some of the teams he likes (or like him) aren't perfect fits. Dallas would be an example, with the Stars believed to be prioritizing defence. Kane did talk to Toronto, but again, the Maple Leafs' priority is on the blue line. Another concern is West travel. We just saw a situation where Klingberg's problems were exacerbated by a flight from Toronto to Stockholm; there's no question the Eastern schedule is less taxing. I've discussed Florida's aggressiveness several times, and it seems like an excellent fit. The question here comes down to what contract and lifestyle choices Kane prefers. He is believed to want a multi-year contract (he does not qualify as an over-35 because his birthday came after June 30) at what he considers a fair number. As it stands, the Panthers can't do that. Buffalo can. So can Detroit.

I don't think it's impossible Kane goes the one-year path, but multiple sources indicated at the start of this process that was not his preference. Buffalo would be major coup for the organization, and Kane's put a lot of thought into the Red Wings.

According to Elliotte Friedman, Kane is specifically avoiding signing with a Western Conference team due to the extensive travel commitments involved. Despite the evident need for Kane's skills on teams like the Edmonton Oilers, seeking a turnaround in their season, it appears they may miss out on the opportunity due to the travel demands within the conference.
Recent reports indicate that John Klingberg's persistent hip injury worsened during a lengthy flight to Sweden, raising valid concerns about the impact of travel on injuries. Given Kane's return from a hip injury, the prospect of multiple extended trips with changes in altitude could pose additional hurdles for the seasoned player.
Despite his injury setback last season, Kane showcased remarkable performance, tallying 21 goals and 36 assists in 72 games split between the Chicago Blackhawks and New York Rangers. If Kane can replicate these impressive numbers, he has the potential to contribute valuable depth scoring. However, it's essential to acknowledge the challenges accompanying Kane's injury, drawing parallels with the case of Washington Capitals' Nicklas Backstrom, who underwent a similar surgery and has struggled to return to his previous form.
The hope is that Kane can overcome these challenges and make a successful return, showcasing the level of skill and performance everyone knows he is capable of achieving.
Elliotte Friedman Reveals Where Patrick Kane Is Headed

Who will Patrick Kane sign with?

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Detroit Red Wings4925 %
Buffalo Sabres4724 %
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