BREAKING: Marc-Andre Fleury Takes Big Risk And Claps Back At Gary Bettman

Published November 24, 2023 at 8:26 PM

The Minnesota Wild are playing against the Colorado Avalanche tonight for Native American Heritage Night, and Marc-Andre Fleury had specially designed a mask to express his support for the occasion.

Gary Bettman and the NHL made the decision to prohibit Fleury from wearing the mask and warned Fleury about a potential fine.

Marc-Andre Fleury Has Decided To Wear His Native American Heritage Mask Regardless

The cause holds personal significance for Fleury, given that his wife is Native American. Designed by Native American artist Cole Redhorse Taylor, the mask incorporates special quotes from Fleury's father.

In honor of Native American Heritage Night and as a tribute to his Native American wife, Marc-Andre Fleury had a unique mask crafted by Cole Redhorse Taylor. The mask features quotes from his father on the back and the names of his children.

Fleury expressed disappointment as the NHL informed him that he couldn't even wear the mask during warmups.

Despite this, Fleury hinted at his intention to wear the mask regardless and pay the fine. Subsequently, the NHL issued a threat of an additional significant fine against the Wild organization.

It looks like Marc-Andre Fleury is taking the risk and is wearing the Native American Heritage mask at warmup after being warned by Gary Bettman and the NHL.

This situation highlights the ongoing struggle between players and the NHL, as players seek to express support for causes dear to them, while the league imposes restrictions.

The issue is likely to be a focal point for discussion within the NHLPA during the upcoming offseason, with the aim of establishing a policy that enables players to demonstrate support for various causes.
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BREAKING: Marc-Andre Fleury Takes Big Risk And Claps Back At Gary Bettman

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