Gary Bettman Faces Backlash For Blocking His Fans From Watching Major Event

Published November 16, 2023 at 4:43 PM

The NHL has sent over some of their best teams to Sweden for another installment of the NHL's Global Series, but unfortunately, Gary Bettman overlooked one major detail.

The NHL Global Series can't be watched in Canada


Despite advertising these games a major event for the NHL to help grow the game, the NHL has blacked out the Ottawa Senators vs. Detroit Red Wings game for everyone outside of Ottawa, and outspoken agent Allan Walsh had something to say about it.

NHL: «We're so excited to bring these iconic NHL teams to Sweden to play meaningful regular season games, we're just not going to allow anyone in Canada to see them»


Another NHL marketing blunder becomes apparent

While the NHL is lauded as one of the most entertaining games in the world of sprots, under Gary Bettman, the league has had trouble marketing the league to new viewers, and this is just another example of it.

Ultimately, the NHL has a great fanbase, but if they want to grow the game, seeing a game in this type of setting would be the exact way to do just that, but unfortunately, the league has made another mistake, one that will only anger that hard core fanbase.


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Gary Bettman Faces Backlash For Blocking His Fans From Watching Major Event

Can the NHL market it's game properly under the reign of Gary Bettman?

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