MAJOR: Corey Perry Suffers Major Setback Following Contract Termination

Published December 4, 2023 at 3:33 PM

Corey Perry Faces Financial Setback After Contract Termination With The Chicago Blackhawks

In a significant development, it has come to light that Corey Perry owes the Chicago Blackhawks over 1M following the termination of his contract.

"Perry has 60 days to decide if he wants to file a grievance via the NHL Players' Association. The matter remains under review, according to a union spokesman. Should he elect to go that route, it would be an exercise in preserving his earning power."

"Perry is entitled to keep approximately $1 million of his $4 million salary after spending roughly 25 percent of the season on the Blackhawks roster prior to having his contract terminated, which means he technically owes money back to the organization because he received a $2 million signing bonus over the summer."

Perry, who was probably excited to receive $2 million in cash to start the year, is now probably hoping that he still has some left over.

Continued Drama Surrounds Perry's Termination and Its Impact on the Blackhawks

The aftermath of Corey Perry's termination continues to ripple for the Blackhawks which is now extending into issues with the team's image. Recently, the Winnipeg Jets owner confronted Connor Bedard after reporters bombarded him with inappropriate questions about his family.

Darren Pang said on #Blackhawks broadcast that Jets owner boarded Hawks' bus to apologize to Connor Bedard for Winnipeg media's continuous questions about made-up rumors in Corey Perry situation.

The real question now revolves around whether Perry will pursue the grievance with the NHLPA which will add to the ongoing drama or choose to settle the financial dispute more privately.

As seen on Blade of Steel - "Corey Perry Owes the Chicago Blackhawks Money Due to His Termination"
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MAJOR: Corey Perry Suffers Major Setback Following Contract Termination

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