REPORT: Carson Briere is REMOVED from his University team

Published April 3, 2023 at 6:16 PM

Recently, a news story made headlines about Carson Briere, the son of Daniel Briere, a former NHL player and the General Manager of the Philadelphia Flyers. The incident involved Carson being captured on camera throwing a wheelchair down a flight of stairs at a bar, resulting in public outrage.

The timing of this incident could not have been worse as it occurred just after Daniel Briere had been appointed as the interim GM of the Flyers. Instead of basking in the glory of his new position, he was forced to answer difficult questions about his son's inappropriate behavior, which brought negative attention to him and the team.

Today it was reported that Carson Briere, has been dismissed from his University team. This is the second time he has been removed from a team, as he was previously dismissed from the Arizona State team in 2019 for "violating team rules."

The reasons for his dismissal from the University team have not been disclosed, but this latest development has raised concerns about his behavior and decision-making. It also highlights the importance of maintaining a positive reputation, particularly for those with high-profile family members or public-facing careers.

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REPORT: Carson Briere is REMOVED from his University team

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