Referee Suffers Broken Arm After Getting Destroyed By Player On The Boards

Published November 19, 2023 at 8:34 PM

A wild play is going viral online after a player laid a huge hit on a referee in a Swedish Hockey League that left the referee with a broken arm.

Player Mistakes Referee For Player And Lays Huge Hit A Long the Boards

A wild scene occurred during a 5th-tier Swedish Hockey game that is going viral online. During the game, a player dumped the puck into the corner. As the defenseman turned to go for the puck, the player stopped and bailed on going into the corner. The defenseman, turning the opposite way, missed this, and mistook the referee for the player.

He then laid a massive hit on the unsuspecting referee, which left the referee injured on the ice and then sent to the hospital as the hit broke his arm.

Rare situation that resulted in nothing but an injured referee. What do we think about it?

Player Claims that the Hit Was a Complete Accident and The Referee Was in the Way

The player made a statement after the game which clarified his intentions on the play. He claimed that the incident was an accident, that he mistook the referee for his opponent, and was already following through on the hit once he realized his mistake. However, he did take the opportunity to call out the referee for being in the way of the play the entire game.

"It's the final of the series and everyone is excited out there, especially me, who likes to play physically. The referee gets in the way, as he did the whole game. I had to stop their player and then the referee got in the way. Then he had to take the hit even though it was not the intention, of course."

Vita hästen player Casper Gilberg brakes the referee's arm with a hit in the swedish 5th division.
byu/ObjectEnvironmental5 inhockey

There was no penalty called on the play, surprisingly, and no details on whether or not the player will be punished have been released. Hopefully, the referee will make a speedy recovery.

As seen on Blade of Steel - "Player breaks a referee's arm and claims It aas an accident"
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Referee Suffers Broken Arm After Getting Destroyed By Player On The Boards

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